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My first Digital Sizzle

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of Digital Sizzle. The concept seems to be very simple. Get a load of like-minded (read: techy or somehow linked to the tech industry) people in one room, offer booze and BBQ and sit back and enjoy.

And that’s pretty much how I spent my Saturday afternoon. I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous beforehand as I didn’t really know anyone there. However, the people there were incredibly friendly and I soon got to some very varied people. Some from established startups, some just starting and even a geologist (who admitted that he was there with a friend and didn’t really have any other links or aspirations to do anything particularly techy, but then went on to come up with some pretty good ways of using technology in his chosen field).

I ended up talking to a couple of really interesting people for most of the afternoon. It did kind of prove what I thought about the whole startup community in London being a bit of a clique (in that pretty much everyone knows everyone else) but I don’t think it was in a bad way, considering everyone was very friendly and interesting and not as snobby as I thought it might have been.

So my advise to anyone who hasn’t been to one, then do try to go, and although I thought that 6 hours of sitting around talking to strangers would go really slowly, it flew past unfortunately.