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Requirements gathering for the nation

I’m a software developer by trade. It’s a job i really enjoy doing. However, there are always bits of jobs that you like the least and for me it’s requirements gathering. But it has to be done.

Maybe someone should have told the British Government this before they spent all that money (something like £10 million) on the funeral for the late Baroness Thatcher.

When I along Whitehall this morning, I thought I’d at least have to push past some people to get to work. This is what it looked like at 8:40am:

There were actually more police officers than mourners. There were more commuters than usual, but that was only because they couldn’t get buses through central London and therefore had to walk instead.

So, my question is: should the government have done a bit of requirements gathering among the UK population to find out if a procession through London is actually required? Couldn’t they just have done it all at St Pauls? Much cheaper, and far more practical for those that quite frankly believe this to be a waste of money.