Lawyers R U.S.

Whilst eating breakfast this morning, I was watching TV and one of those
adverts for “no win no fee” compensation lawyers came up, this one offering
100% compensation if you win. However, if you win, you have to pay them a sum
of money which is (probably) fairly hefty.

So, the question I want to know is: if you get 100% of the compensation, where
do the lawyers’ fees come from? Surely if you have major loss of earnings due
to some tragic accident, then you’re not going to be able to afford much, are

Or is this where “punitive damages” come in? I’m not a lawyer by any stretch
of the imagination, but I know (or at least I think I know) that these are the
damages that companies have to pay as a kind of fine, i.e. something to make
sure that they don’t do whatever they did again.

However, if there is an accident (not through your own fault, just like it
says on the ad), do punitive damages come in? Or are those only for when
people sue others?

That’s another thing that I can’t stand: people suing other people for silly
things. Take for example, the woman who sued Janet Jackson (the whole
SuperBowl half-time show incident) because she felt that she was “injured”.
Come on!! You see breasts every time you look in the mirror!! Grrr

And (with no offence meant to any Americans that might possibley maybe read
this), all these people that sue for these little things (ok, so they might
not think that they’re so very little) seem to be Americans. If any Americans
do read this, can they please let me know. Do they need the money or


…again. Yes I know that this is the second time I’ve restarted my blog. But
I got encouraged by friend and client
Wesley from the
DeepStar project.

Well, I think I’ll stick with this style for now, but I’m gonna look into
creating a new one. I’m pretty sure that I’ve said that before, but this time
it’s gonna happen; I hope.