How can you justify buying a new iPhone?

Blah blah blah, new iPhone, completely unexpected, blah blah blah.

Ok so the new iPhone was announced today. Yes it looks pretty. Yes I want one. No I’m not going to spend £529 on one.

Fair enough if you’re lucky enough to have reached the end of your contract and can get one a bit cheaper with some kind of upgrade package with your phone network. But there are some people out there who will go out and buy a brand new phone, shelling out £529 for this new piece of kit. How can you justify it?

Ok, yes I’m currently writing this post on a 3rd generation iPad, but T-Mobile were doing a deal and it only cost me £199 up front, which I can charge to my account and then pay it off over two months (because I ordered it just after payday, which basically means it costs me £100 a month). That is (kind of) justifiable. Ish.

£529 will get you a fairly decent week’s holiday for two people. It’s just about a month’s rent in a fairly decent room in a London shared house (don’t even get me started in those!). It can even get you an ok second hand car (ok, it won’t be the newest second hand car and it might have some scratches, but it will last you probably longer than that iPhone).

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