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Reasons to despair for humanity

I must be one of the few people in London who doesn’t really mind taking the tube. Yes sometimes it’s a bit cramped, in the summer it gets hot and the upgrade along with the regular signalling problems can be a pain in the arise, but overall it’s not too bad.

However this post is not about the tube, it’s about common decency in my fellow human beings.

This story begins and ends at Vauxhall. I was standing on the tube by the doors, waiting for them to close and allow me to continue my commute home. I heard on the platform, as probably a few of my fellow passengers did, someone haugh a loogy. “I hope he doesn’t spit that onto the platform”, I thought (one of my pet peeves).

He didn’t.

Just as the buzzer went, announcing that the doors were closing, I felt something wet hit the back of my head.

Without turning round, as if nothing had happened (we Brits are good at that, aren’t we) as I didn’t want to give whoever it was the satisfaction of knowing that they had riled me I waited for the train to move off before getting out my gloves and wiping it off.

So, I ask you: why would anyone do this? I wouldn’t say I’m a particular target for any kind of attack, let alone a mucus-based one. I wasn’t dressed up in a suit. I wasn’t even facing the doors (thankfully).

What kind of human being, would cough up phlegm and spit it at someone?

I’m not angry. I’m not even upset (although it has spurred me to write this). I’m just a bit disgusted and shocked that someone would do this to a complete stranger and find it funny (they laughed, hence why I knew it was a he not a she).

Presenting TinySharp

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to write more code. And so I have. I present to you: TinySharp.

It’s my own C# implementation of code that was originally written in Ruby by Kyle Bragger (he of Forrst fame). I then wrote a version in PHP (tidied up by Kyle) but I’ve wanted to write a version in C# (since most of my work is .NET related). So I did it tonight. And I’m quite proud of my work.

So clone, fork, do whatever. If you make any nice changes, please send a pull request my way.