Why I’m loving Quora at the moment

I asked my first question on Quora back in
October of last year. Since then I’ve asked 54 questions and given 140
answers. Not a huge amount, but recently I’ve noticed that it’s very easy to
get answers from people who have worked on some pretty major stuff.

For example, a couple of days ago I was watching Toy Story and had a question
about it. Within 12 hours, I had an answer; not from a film buff (although
that too would have been good) but from someone who actually worked on the
film! This, to someone who has no connections to the industry, is a fairly
remarkable thing.

More and more people are getting into Quota and this means that more and more
questions can be answered by people who actually know the answers, as opposed
to those who have an opinion. This is where Quota will become a phenomenal
tool I. the future. And why I love it. The people on it are knowledgeable,
friendly and, above all, rather than write a condescending answer to a silly
question, take the time to answer in a way that enables both the asker and
those who come and read the questions later to come away knowing something
that hadn’t known before.

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