Quitting Facebook

I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now but last night I took the somewhat large step to delete my Facebook account. Not deactivate it, but delete it completely.

Now to those that have steered clear of the behemoth that Facebook has become you might not think that this is very impressive, but it’s very easy for it to become the very hub of your social life; planning social events through it, keeping in touch with old school friends etc. and that’s why it’s very easy to become slightly addicted to it: logging on every couple of hours to see what’s changed, what your friends are up to and so on.

I’ve only told one person (up until the point of writing this post) that I’ve done this so I’m wondering if I’m going to get any texts or emails asking me what’s happened to my account and I think some of those people will ask why I’ve done this.

To me, Facebook over the past six months or so has been used to share links and message people; both those tasks can be done elsewhere. Therefore I don’t really have a need. If people want to get in touch with me there are ample ways of doing so, be it Twitter, Google talk or even (god forbid) email.

At some point over the next couple of weeks I’m going to de-do my website. I currently use things like Posterous for blogging, Twitter for microblogging, Flickr for photos and YouTube for videos, so why do I need something like Facebook to do all of the above? If I want one location to do all of the above I can stream them into one site and allow people to view stuff there. Which is exactly what I plan to do. So goodbye Facebook. It was fun.

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