End of one era, beginning of another

Today, whether you had an interest in it or not, was a major day for the UK.
It marks the end of a 13 year reign by a Labour government and the beginning
of a Conservative/Liberal Democrat one.

I believe it’s the first coalition in about 30 years and past coalitions
haven’t faired too well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the shortest one
lasted about 3 days so it will be very interesting to see how long this one
will last. Having said that, if the government breaks down, I think that the
Conservatives have enough seats to change it to a minority government, if
that’s possible.

The cynic in me says that another election will be called within the next 6
months, for the simple reason that the LibDems are too different from the
Tories to agree on major policies and I think that will cause a large rift,
which will then cause a breakdown in the coalition.

However, we shall have to see. For now, we have a new Prime Minister. There’s
nothing we can do about that. And a big boost in turnout, many more than was
expected, which we can see from the queues at the polls and those people who
were angry at not being able to execute their democratic right. At least the
UK is not as apathetic as it used to be.

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