General Election

So today, if you haven’t heard already, is the day when Brits all around the
country take part in the election of the people who will govern them for
possibly the next 5 years.

The pollsters are saying that it’s going to be very close, with a possibly no
clear outright winner in terms of parties. Whatever the outcome, tonight is
going to be a very interesting result, with what is expected to be a much
higher than average turnout. This probably has a lot to do with the three
leader debates that have been broadcasted over the past month.

Usually it’s a two horse race, with either the Labour or the Conservative
parties the clear winner, but thanks to the debates the Liberal Democrats and
especially the party leader Nick Clegg have been thrust into the limelight
more than in past years.

The polls close in about two hours and the results as they come in will make
for very interesting results. Will there be an outright winner or will we have
the first hung parliament in approximately 30 years? Hopefully we’ll find out
tonight, but apparently there are about 20 constituencies who’s votes won’t be
counted until the morning and those might be the crucial ones who sway it one
way of the other.

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