Debate the second

Ok so I didn’t write a post about he first debate. I didn’t think about it at
the time and by the time I did it was a little late.

So what did I think about tonight’s debate? Firstly I thought that Cameron
looked a bit ruffled. Usually one thing that you can grantee about
politicians, and especially when they’re being watched by millions of people
is that they are usually impeccably turned out. This week’s “not enough time
in make up” award goes to Dave.

But enough about looks. I don’t think either Brown or Clegg came out on top,
but I do think that they both beat Cameron by a mile. I don’t care what YouGov
says, especially when their CEO is the PPC of Stanford upon Avon. Clegg didn’t
have the “dark horse” edge that he had last week, but he did well. Brown also
did well and came across as a worthy candidate. All Cameron seemed to offer
were empty promises.

Best shot of the evening was Clegg’s comment about Brown keeping his union
donors happy and Cameron keeping his donors in Belize happy. Boom!

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