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Songbird fixed – worth another look?

According to Lifehacker the songbird issue that I might have mentioned a couple of times has been

The question that I’m asking myself is do I want to risk it again? I’ve now
found out that there are a couple of tools for retrieving data from an iPod,
and as I said before I do have all my music on my laptop and my iPod is
generally plugged into my computer at work.

However, winamp is working quite nicely for me at the moment, so I could just
continue with that. Decision, decisions.

The spelling of names

Hi. My name is Piers Karsenbarg and I’m an… oh wait that’s wrong. Seriously
though, I’m always the first to admit that my name is fairly unusual. It’s
even got to the stage where if someone asks me what my name is, I just go
right ahead and spell it, because I know they’ll get it wrong. Generally
spelling it something along the lines of Pierce Carsenberg.

Anyway (and there was a point to this) that was all a big lead up to me
posting this:


Songbird issues with iPod part the second

Ok, so it’s not an ideal situation, but at least they’ve accepted there is a
problem. As I said before, luckily I have iTunes on a seperate computer and it
was just a case of re-syncing my iPod with it, but it seems that there are
quite a few people who have had similar problems and don’t have the same

iPod Add-On Woes

Note: this is related to my earlier post Songbird – the magpie of media

Songbird – the magpie of media players

At work, I like to listen to music. It allows me to focus on the task in hand.
I plug my iPod 5G into my computer and up until recently I was using Winamp to
access and play the mp3s on there.

However, on Monday of this week I decided to try something new. I’d heard
about Songbird and found that I could use it to
play music off my iPod, so I downloaded and installed it and all was good. It
played the music I wanted to play, it could read my iPod and play stuff from
that including my playlists.

However, the one thing I hadn’t done was to sync the library in Songbird with
my iPod as I had a few songs in Songbird that I had recently bought and so
were on my computer at work. It had asked me when I first installed it if I
wanted to, and warned me that I might lose songs from my iPod. I therefore

Then, this afternoon I read that there was a new version available (1.1 for
those interested). Since the software could quite happily update itself
without me installing anything I just let it do its thing. It asked if I
wanted to update any add-ons (it’s written using some Mozilla libraries so
there are a few add-ons and themes, not unlike firefox) so I agredd to these.

Once the installation was complete and the software had restarted I was amazed
to see that all that was in the library was those very songs that I had on my
computer. “Fine” I thought. “It just hasn’t picked up my iPod yet.” So I
unplugged my iPod and plugged it back in again. No joy. “Maybe there’s a
problem with reading my iPod. Let’s just see what’s actually on the iPod
itself… ” So I looked. Those same few songs.

Thank you Songbird, for deleting my music. Luckily I have copies at home. And
I have Last.FM for now.

Say what you like about Winamp, at least it doesn’t delete my music.

Oh, and I’ve uninstalled Songbird now.