New Years’ Resolutions

Didn’t do one of these last year. However, I have a couple of things that I’d
like to do, so it makes a bit of sense to put them here.

Ok then, here we go:

  1. Start an LLB with the OU – not for any career purposes. I just want to do. It’s only part time so it will take a good 5-6 years to do.
  2. Start work on one of my start-up ideas – I have a few at the moment but don’t seem to have time to sit down and make a start on any of them. That’s going to change!
  3. Actively search down more freelance/contracting work – this has been pretty static over the past few years, but I’d like to get back into it. I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline which should come to fruition soon.
  4. One more – try to hunt down (through Google cache and the way back machine) some of the old posts that were deleted by the crappy people at Netbunch (I would link through to them, but it seems the domain name is up for sale. Funny that)
  5. And another – That tattoo I want of the dragon? Yup I’m going to get it done this year (hopefully sooner rather than later)
    I think that’s about it. Just have to wait and see how they all go.

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