A couple of things

I got a new phone on Monday. The T-Mobile G1 (otherwise known as the Google
Phone). Very very nice. Very easy to use. Syncs email/contacts/calendar with
my google apps account very quickly.

I’ve just bought a couple of tracks off Amazon MP3 store – Friendly Fire’s
Paris and Jeff Buckley’s
version of Hallelujah
(none of that X-Factor crap for my MP3 player!) if anyone’s interested. I was
so impressed at how it all just worked. Yes I had to download an extra piece
of software for it, but that was only about 700KB. The tracks downloaded very
quickly (are Amazon using their own version of
CloudFront for it?) and since they’re DRM
free could just copy them straight to my G1 and play them instantly.

Very very impressed with both my purchases.

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