Is it an early winter?

Even though I was doubting whether the summer was coming along, there’s
absolutely no doubt in my mind that winter has most definately arrived.

This morning for the first time (admittedly I’ve not had it for that long) I
had to scrape ice off my car and apparently it snowed a little bit last night.
It’s been giving me ice warnings for a couple of weeks now (it beeps at me
when the temperature gets below 3°C outside) but there hasn’t actually been
much ice on the roads or anything. I suppose I should start keeping an eye

In Guildford it’s fairly easy to predict when it’s going to snow heavily (last
night doesn’t count): usually never before January and usually never after the
beginning of April. By heavily I mean like this and

A couple of people have said that it’s early, being October and all, but it is
the end of October remember. I think winter is right on time this year.

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