Ok, so I lied

There wasn’t a post later. Oh well. I got too involved in watching the Dog
and then 2 Fast 2
. Both very good if you need
something to have on the TV that you don’t really want to pay attention to.

Work is very busy at the moment. We’re redoing our main website and it’s just
busy busy busy. Having said that, I’ve still got some days holiday remaining,
so I need to start working out what I’m going to do with them. I can’t carry
them over to the new year, so once I’ve got this project finished I might
start working 4 day weeks. I plan to work between Xmas and New Year as it’s
generally quiet (it was last year) client-wise so I can get a load of internal
stuff done.

What  else is happening? The flat is looking good now. More and more floor
space is starting to appear. We still haven’t had a housewarming of any sort,
but it’s not a huge flat so I don’t know how many people would fit
comfortably. Probably won’t end up having one.

Fetish night at the Union is happening on Friday. Will probably be working it
as usual. Always a good night to work 🙂 – it’s too busy to enjoy as a punter
but working as behind the bar is always a good way of passing the night with

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