Where did this come from?

I don’t own a Mac. Or a Macbook (although I am tempted). I don’t own an
iPhone. I do however have a 5th Generation iPod (aka a “video” iPod). No, that
iPod has no internet connection. It has no calendar software, nor can it send,
receive or have email “pushed” to it.

So why, when I go to my Control Panel in windows, do I see this (click the
image for the full size view):

I’m assuming that it came with the latest version of iTunes when I downloaded
it the other day, but I never asked for it. I don’t even think it asked me if
I wanted to install anything to do with it. And I thought it was bad when
Microsoft used to install things without my say so.

Apple, you’re taking liberties!!

(Apologies for the bad image editing. Photoshop was never my forté)

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