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Twitter no longer sending sms updates to UK

In my emails this morning I had one from the guys at Twitter saying that they
were no longer sending updates to mobile phones. I understand why they’ve done
this. In the US the user pays to receive text messages whereas over here it’s
the sender that pays. The email quotes that it would cost them approximately
$1000 per user per year so it’s understandable why they’d shut this service

However, this means that this is one less way to get your twitter fix, and no
real way to get real time updates if you don’t have am iPhone or a Blackberry.

Now, I prefer not to get my updates via text. I find it too distracting,
although I do use it if there’s some newsworthy event on where I want to
receive up to the minute info, but of course that won’t be happening anymore.

Hopefully this means that the guys at twitter will be spending more money and
time on getting the xmpp feed up and running for everyone, but in the mean
time it looks like I’ll be strapped to my laptop if i want to get the latest.

If anyone wants to view the content, you can view it on the Twitter

Where did this come from?

I don’t own a Mac. Or a Macbook (although I am tempted). I don’t own an
iPhone. I do however have a 5th Generation iPod (aka a “video” iPod). No, that
iPod has no internet connection. It has no calendar software, nor can it send,
receive or have email “pushed” to it.

So why, when I go to my Control Panel in windows, do I see this (click the
image for the full size view):

I’m assuming that it came with the latest version of iTunes when I downloaded
it the other day, but I never asked for it. I don’t even think it asked me if
I wanted to install anything to do with it. And I thought it was bad when
Microsoft used to install things without my say so.

Apple, you’re taking liberties!!

(Apologies for the bad image editing. Photoshop was never my forté)