Time to start getting excited

Over the past month or so, Emma and I have been looking for a flat to rent for
the next year (or more) in Guildford. We found one we liked and I found out
today, that all they need is her landlord’s reference and then it’s all go! We
take on ownership a week today (although we won’t pick up the keys until
Saturday because Emma won’t be around until then) and I have to admit that I’m
quite excited.

The most exciting thing was that for the first time in God knows when I’ve
actually passed a credit check. My credit is pretty poor due to some not too
bright decisions with a credit card (i.e. getting one); in fact it’s so bad
that I’ve always said that if someone manages to steal my identity and get a
credit card in my name then I’d like to know how they actually managed to get
one since I can’t.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to next weekend so that we can move in!!

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