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Stuff what I tweeted on 2008-05-09

  • The number of tweets in twitterlocal… what time period is that over? Or is it from the launch of the site? #
  • @Reynolds How many emails to sort through? #
  • Would have thought I’d reached 1000 updates so far. Obv need to tweet harder #
  • @nicepaul do it! #
  • @Reynolds Mmm toad in hole. Home made or bought? #
  • @Whatleydude Every day is ‘be sexually inappropriate with your friends day’ #
  • From the University of State the Bleeding Obvious #

Are we going to have a summer this year?

Last summer was a shocker. “What summer?” I hear you cry. Exactly. Now, one
side of me loved last year, as it meant that I had no hayfever whatsoever.

However, I can already feel the pollen taking effect. My eyes are itchy. I’m
sneezing more than I usually do. So a bad sign for the hayfever, but it’s a
good sign for the nice hot summer that we missed out on last year. The summer
before was awesome: lots of opportunities for barbeques, drinking in the
evenings etc. etc.

I really hope that it stays like this.

Dislaimer: I take no responsibility for jinxing the weather.

Bank Holidays

I love bank holidays. Not because I don’t have to go to work (I’m really
enjoying my job at the moment) but because Emma and I always do something.
Since she works at weekends, we don’t often get to spend a lot of time doing
stuff together so we make sure that we defintely do something on Bank

Today was no different. Up early (kind of) we went to The Vyne, a 16th century
house near Basingstoke, then drive back to The Good Intent, a
really nice pub in Puttenham, then off to Puttenham common for a walk.

Was a really hot day, and we’re both tired. But it was a really really nice
day. Roll on the summer holiday!

Update: Just added the photos to