Gym gymeny gym gym – update

Ok, this is more of an ego stroking post than anything else. I just wanted to
say that I’m very impressed with myself for going to the gym 3 times in the
past 7 days. I think that 3 times a week is enough at the moment and with the
other things that I do should keep me busy. I’m tempted to go at a weekend
too, but not sure when, as I go on both Friday and Monday and I don’t really
want to hurt myself. Maybe Saturday afternoon would be a good time, as I’m
generally quite bored whilst Emma’s at work. I’ll try going this Saturday and
see how I feel.

I’ve also got a two week “check” with one of the guys from the gym, so I get
to find out how much weight I’ve lost (I don’t trust the scales at home!)

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