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Gym gymeny gym gym – update

Ok, this is more of an ego stroking post than anything else. I just wanted to
say that I’m very impressed with myself for going to the gym 3 times in the
past 7 days. I think that 3 times a week is enough at the moment and with the
other things that I do should keep me busy. I’m tempted to go at a weekend
too, but not sure when, as I go on both Friday and Monday and I don’t really
want to hurt myself. Maybe Saturday afternoon would be a good time, as I’m
generally quite bored whilst Emma’s at work. I’ll try going this Saturday and
see how I feel.

I’ve also got a two week “check” with one of the guys from the gym, so I get
to find out how much weight I’ve lost (I don’t trust the scales at home!)

Putting effort in

I think I say this every so often, but this week I’m definately going to
make a concerted effort to start on this project that I’ve been wanting to do
for ages. It’s going to be quite a major undertaking as it’s going to involve
a few web services. I was thinking about doing it in RoR but I think I’m going
to stick with what I know best (i.e. PHP).

I’ve had a database schema in my head now for a while, so I need to get that
into a database (or at least the first implementation of it) and then actually
start working on the site. There’s going to be a fair bit going on in the
background as well, since there’s quite a lot of stuff like video encoding
(which is where the web services will come in as I plan to use AWS to do a lot
of the hardcore stuff). But that will come later.

The thing that bothers me is that the site is very heavily based on User
Generated Content (seems to be a bit of a buzzword at the moment), but it’s
content that I can’t put together myself. Don’t want to give too much away at
this point, but it involves music and unsigned bands. Now, I’m not a band, so
I can’t put stuff up. If anyone has any thoughts about how best to do this,
then please please let me know.

[RoR]: Ruby on Rails
[AWS]: Amazon Web Services

Gym gymeny gym gym

Yup, today is my second session at the gym. Last week I had a check up which
said I was overweight (but not obese woot!) which was not unexpected (I am a
little on the podgy front). I have to admit I’m quite looking forward to
starting to work out again. Lets hope that I can keep this going this time.
I’m doing some Bupa scheme which says that I’m supposed to go at least twice a
week. Since I have to walk past the gym on my way to and from work, I’m
constantly reminded that I should be going and Godalming’s not exactly far
from Guildford so weekends aren’t out of the question.