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Could be useful

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Could be quite useful. Might take a proper look at some point

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One to show Emma

Youtube Mobile

I’ve just installed the new youtube app for my n95 and I have to admit I’m
impressed. I was expecting far more lag than I got and although sometimes it
had to catch up with itself, I’m just assuming that was more to do with the
network than anything else. Now I just need to remember that I only have a gig
a month data plan so I mustn’t watch too much.

RIP Heath Ledger

Heath LedgerWoah. Here’s a guy that I’ve never
met. Never spoken to. Never even seen in person. But I can’t help but feel
strangely sad that he’s now dead. It’s a strange feeling. I almost feel
slightly wierd about it. As if I shouldn’t and I’m just being silly. Who

Picture credit: Getty via BBC