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Moving On

Before a couple of weeks ago I had never resigned from a company before to
move on somewhere else. Any part time jobs I had had I finished either because
I got snowed under with academic work or because I started my placement year.
My placement year was only a year’s contract so I
knew from day one when it would end. My sabb year was
again only a year, so I knew when that would finish.

I’ve been casually looking at jobs, keeping an eye on the market. You know,
just seeing whats out there. I came across one that I thought I’d be
interested in, took the phone interview, met the MD and ended up with the job.
A lot more money than I’m currently getting, closer to home and I get to do
stuff in .NET.

The hardest part was handing in my notice. I’ve loved working at
ETS. I like to think that I’ve really come part of
their team and that they’ll miss me.

At least I hope so. I’ll miss them.

But, a new challenge awaits. New people to meet (which is one of the bits I
like about a new job). The only thing that kinda sucks is that I have to work
between Christmas and New Year. Having said that, Emma and I are going to
Centerparcs in January and we’re both really
looking forward to it. It’s a bit different from
Rome this year,
but it should be good. Then we can start thinking about and planning our
summer holiday. Hopefully then I’ll be able to drive (4th time lucky).