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Someday I shall do this

I really really want to drive across the US one day. I’ve been to San
Fransisco. I’m probably going to Houston next year. But I’d love to drive
across the country.

I’ve been playing with Google Maps and I think that this
is the one I’d like to
take. It pretty much covers all of the major places I’d like to visit. Just to
take 2 or 3 weeks to do it sounds so wonderful.


House hunting

I think it’s time I started flat/hunting. I have to be out of my current house
either on the 16th September or (depending on the landlord) the end of
September and as it’s already the 6th August, it’s about time I started.

Ideally I’d like a studio or one bedroom flat. I’ve looked at a couple of
sites online and they seem to have quite a few, but they’re either too
expensive (I’m looking for <£750ish exc bills) or too small (those who know me
know I have an extraordinary amount of shit to store and I’d rather not have
to pay extra for storage). One doesn’t even have an oven!!

Although it may not interest you, I’m going to probably post a couple of the
places I look at on here so I have some kind of record of what they look like.

Let the fun commence!

What am I, a one man Drobo marketing machine?

Well, I’ve started so I’ll finish. Received an email from VCI systems (the
company reselling machines in the UK):

Apologies in advance for any doubling up to those correspondents who may have
already received similar from the US, or been included other mail outs. A
Drobo unit with no drives is £350.00 inclusive of VAT with UK shipping at
£14.95 A bundled unit including 2 x 320Gb drives is also available at £499.00.
We are expecting stock into the UK in the coming week. Best regards Robert

So, 640 Gb with Drobo for £499? Not too bad. Probably going to wait for some
reviews first (although if ayone from VCI is reading this and fancies loaning
me one…)


Oh dear. I seem to have done something a bit silly. I just got caught up in
the heat of the moment.

I’ve signed up for the work 5 a side football match on Tuesday. It should be a
lot of fun, but I haven’t played for about 2 years so I’m a little nervous.

Drobo: The story continues…

Wow these guys like to keep you up to date!!

I’ve just received another email from Drobo (see
here for
the last one). This one states that the £499 is including disks (although
it didn’t specify how much storage). If you just want the Drobo system without
any disks, it’s going to cost you £350 inc VAT. Now thats a bit better (since
the $499 US price probably doesn’t include sales tax).

I’m definately seriously thinking about getting one of these. If anyone’s got
one and they don’t mind loaning it to me (or if VCI is reading this can I have
a loaner pretty please?)

[update]Just another thing that crossed my mind… For the £499 model, how
much space do you get with it? £150 you’re only looking at about 150GB

Email from VCI Systems

(Reminder… VCI are the company in the UK selling the

Thank you for your recent enquiry. Drobo units are expected in the UK during
the week beginning 6th August and will be priced at £499 including VAT and
shipping to mainland UK. We will contact you to confirm when the stock is
available. Best regards Robert Creech

Possibly a little more than I was planning on spending (£499 is about double
what you’d have to pay in the States), especially as you then have to pay for
your hard disks on top of that. Maybe I should buy myself one as a Christmas
present. It’ll give me the chance to save up…

Drobo now available in the UK

I first heard of Drobo from the forever bouncy Cali
about a month or so ago and emailed the
company to find out when it was going to be available in the UK (back then it
was only available in the US).

Now I’m happy to say that I’ve just received an email from Data Robotics (the
company that makes Drobo) saying that it’s going to be available through VCI
. Although there isn’t anything on their
site at the moment, I’m sure they’ll update it soon.

I’ve just tried to email them through the address that I was sent, but it
seems to have bounced back. Not a good sign.