House hunting

I think it’s time I started flat/hunting. I have to be out of my current house
either on the 16th September or (depending on the landlord) the end of
September and as it’s already the 6th August, it’s about time I started.

Ideally I’d like a studio or one bedroom flat. I’ve looked at a couple of
sites online and they seem to have quite a few, but they’re either too
expensive (I’m looking for <£750ish exc bills) or too small (those who know me
know I have an extraordinary amount of shit to store and I’d rather not have
to pay extra for storage). One doesn’t even have an oven!!

Although it may not interest you, I’m going to probably post a couple of the
places I look at on here so I have some kind of record of what they look like.

Let the fun commence!

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