Drobo: The story continues…

Wow these guys like to keep you up to date!!

I’ve just received another email from Drobo (see
here for
the last one). This one states that the £499 is including disks (although
it didn’t specify how much storage). If you just want the Drobo system without
any disks, it’s going to cost you £350 inc VAT. Now thats a bit better (since
the $499 US price probably doesn’t include sales tax).

I’m definately seriously thinking about getting one of these. If anyone’s got
one and they don’t mind loaning it to me (or if VCI is reading this can I have
a loaner pretty please?)

[update]Just another thing that crossed my mind… For the £499 model, how
much space do you get with it? £150 you’re only looking at about 150GB

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