Radio Lab

Wesley, one of my friends from across the pond
introduced me to the Radio Lab podcasts. It’s an hour long program that comes
out once a month or so that focuses on incredibly varied topics from zoos to
memory to death.

Presented by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, each episode concentrates on one
of those subjects but talks about many different aspects. Its a history,
science and general knowledge lesson all rolled into one. Each hour is made up
of talk by the two presenters as well as stories and reports by experts from
all over the world.

It’s perfect for long journeys when you’re not in the mood for music (I listen
to it on my long commute to work in the mornings) and there’s always something
new to learn. Sometimes some of the stories aren’t for the faint hearted but
generally the’re told intelligently but still in a way that’s really easy to

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, but not necessarily music
based, I definitely think that you should give Radio Lab a shot.

I listen to the podcast as I can’t pick it up over here in the UK (although I
don’t generally listen to the radio unless I’m in the car and since I don’t
own one you can imagine how often that is).

The podcast can be found via iTunes (do a search for Radio Lab in the iTunes
store) or from the Radio Labs website.

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